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Understanding a Back Row Attack in Volleyball

Beverly Oden. Updated June 06, 2018. A back row attack in volleyball occurs when one of the three back row players attacks the ball and contacts it at the top of the net. In a back row attack, the back row player jumps from behind the white line, also known as the ten-foot line, or the three-meter line and contacts the ball.

Back Row Attack - Strength and Power Volleyball

Why the volleyball back row attack is so important for developing spiking strength and power. Focus Points to a Successful Attack. I believe the back row attack is a skill that should be developed by all attackers on the team. It doesn't matter if you are never going to be set a back row ball, you should practice hitting out of the back row.

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Repeat progression #1 but with a middle back hitting line added. Keep middle back players deep, because they will start to creep towards the net as the drill goes on. Progression 3: Hitting a Back Row Attack From a Toss. 5-6 minutes, or until all players are mostly successful. Spend two minutes reviewing proper footwork before starting this progression. Move left back and right back players back a few steps so they have room for their approach.

D BALL BACK ROW HITTING | Volleyball Tutorial - YouTube

D BALL BACK ROW HITTING | Volleyball Tutorial - YouTube. Learn how to spike a D Ball in volleyball, which is a back row hit from the right back position for the Opposite Hitter.

Volleyball 102 Explaining the Back Row Attack and Other ...

If the ball “breaks the plain of the net” (any part of the ball goes over the net) and she tries to set it, she broke the backrow attack rule, point for the other team. That is what backrow ...

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The back row attacker executes a back-row attack aiming to control the ball and send it to the opposite back-row player. The other side repeats. During this drill you rotate, after you playback middle, you play the setter. Then you get in line at the endline. This drill is to teach confidence and comfort with a back-row attack. As players become very good, have them change from targetting the back row player, to avoiding the back row player.

How to Hit a Volleyball

The back row attacker must jump to hit from beyond the attack line. Contact may be made with the ball in front of the attack line as long as the back court attacker is still in the air or part of the ball is below the top of the net. Broad jumping is very effective for back row attackers because a broad jump enables them to fly through the air contacting the ball closer to the net.

Volleyball Positions - Understanding Volleyball Player Positions

The libero is fairly new position in volleyball. The libero is a back row specialist who is allowed to play back court only. The libero wears a different color shirt in the team and is allowed to enter and exit the game without substitution request. The libero can replace any player on the court and most often replaces middle blockers.