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Four Square Court Size: The overall size of the Four Square court has a direct impact on the size of the smaller squares, increasing or decreasing difficulty and the number of maximum players. Court size is generally sixteen (16) feet on each side. Each of the four inside squares are then eight (8) feet per side. Court sizes may vary.

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The Court. First, read about the dimensions and materials of the court in the Gear section. Squares are ranked from highest to lowest. Our league uses numbers 1 through 4, other people use letters and even a few use the title of royalty. In all cases, the highest and lowest ranked squares should be diagonal from each other.

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Four square is played on any hard-surfaced court, such as wood, concrete or asphalt. There is no official court size, but typically courts measure between 10 and 30 feet (3-8 meters) on a side, and divided into four smaller equal-size squares. Each of the four squares has a rank and is occupied by a single player.

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I play with a group of adults and children of mixed ages. We tend toward a smaller 12′ x 12′ court size to accommodate our group. I would likely change the size of the court depending on the age and experience level of the players. Other common dimensions include a 16′ x 16′ court size. Here is an example of a 12-foot court setup with a server’s box of approximately 20 square inches. A sideline is an optional feature used for extra players to rotate into the game.

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The overall size of the court is 40 meters (44 yards) long by 20 meters (22 yards) wide. This is much bigger than a standard basketball court. The longer outer boundaries of the court are called sidelines or touchlines. The shorter boundaries are referred to as Goal Lines or End Lines.

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The court. Standard four-wall courts are 40 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 20 feet high, with a back wall 12 to 14 feet high. A short line, parallel to the front wall, divides the court in half; the service line is parallel to and 5 feet in front of the short line. Between these two lines on each side of the court is a service box, formed by a line parallel to and 18 inches from each sidewall.

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Handball (also four square, n-square - where n is the number of players - or downball) is a ball game played in schoolyards in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, South Africa, China and South East Asia. Unlike most types of handball , it does not incorporate a wall, instead of being played on a court consisting of lines on the ground.

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