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Handball Center Back. The center back is generally the most experienced player on the team. As the playmaker of the offense, the center back must organize the offense into a coherent attack that can get a quality shot off on the goal.

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Handball Position Center (Number 4) Often referred to as the center-back or center-half, this player primarily occupies the middle of the court. The center spearheads the attacks and shoots or tries to penetrate the defence. The player in this handball position is also called the 'team point guard' - according to common handball terminology.

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Right back - has the same responsibilities as the left back down the opposite side. Centre back – the centre back stands in the middle of the court and provides both defending and attacking options.

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Training on center back shots as handball basics from the USA handball team coach Mark Ortega in Auburn University.About Mark Ortega (Mark@usateamhandball.or...


Position in the center court area between the backs; this player is the team’s offensive leader. left back Position behind the wingers on the left side of the court; an excellent shooter, this player also defends against the opponent’s line player or back.

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The Center Backcourt in Handball is the “brain” of the team, the organizer of the attacking system. As the name implies, the Center Backcourt acts through the center of the court setting his team moves.

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C - Centre Back (CB) The handball player positions of center back is also called a 'playmaker'. They are positioned largely around the midcourt area and their role is to initiate the offensive play, shoot, or try to penetrate the opponent's defence. Centre Line. The centre line delineates the handball court sizes into two halves. It also marks the spot at the center of the court used for the throw off.

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CB = Center back-court player RH = Right half defender RO = Right outside defender LO = Left outside defender LH = Left half defender RI = Right inside defender LI = Left inside defender LW = Left wing RW = Right wing LB = Left back-court player RB = Right back-court player Goal Keeper – The goalkeeper defends the goal with ever part of the body.